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New York City holds one of the most vital histories in the United States because of its proximity to Ellis Island and the Nation’s Capital. There are many ethnic groups in the US who got their start in the Big Apple. Taking a walking tour of NYC is a great way to explore the heritage of the community, enjoy some great food along the way, and appreciate the local customs and traditions. Here are 6 walking tours that encapsulate old New York City History.

Greenwich Village

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Greenwich Village has been home to many of the greatest artists in the United States. Famous authors and musicians, such as Jimi Hendrix and Edith Wharton have at one time called it home. Historical figures like Aaron Burr and Tom Paine had moments that were life-changing. The Beat Movement began in Greenwich Village, and has been called the cradle of the LGBT movement.

The Original Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour

Nothing explains the differences and similarities in cultures than understanding their cuisine. In this two-hour tour, participants enjoy the markets and shops that highlight the Jewish, Italian, and Chinese communities in New York City on the Lower East Side. The multi-ethnicity of the community tells a lot about how different cultures approach their meals and families.

Historic TriBeCa

In the “Triangle Below Canal Street” or TriBeCa, walkers enjoy a full array of architectural styles in NYC. TriBeCa was once a mecca of warehouses and industrial buildings that were later transformed into lofts and residences for artists. See sites associated with Robert DeNero and Cornelius Vanderbilt, and understand how this section of NYC became what it is today.

Historic Lower Manhattan

Matt Astrachan NYC blog

See where it all began, on the former site of the Dutch Fort Amsterdam where George Washington and Alexander Hamilton made their marks upon history. Enjoy the architecture and people associated with the world financial capital and NYSE while traveling through this section of New York.

America’s Museum: Art and History of the Metropolitan  

The Metropolitan Museum is the same size as the Empire State Building, two million square feet. It has one of the most extensive collections of art in the world. To get the most out of a visit to NYC, enjoy a walking tour of the Museum that explains the heritage and architecture of the building, and points out some of the most iconic pieces of art in its history.

The Upper East Side

Explore the most luxurious sections of NYC when taking one of the guided tours that includes the Frick Mansion, the Whitney Museum, and the Park Avenue Armory. See the sites where the Vanderbilts, the Tiffany’s, and the Morgans made their mark on the city, while understanding the transformation that took place from the time of the 18th century when the area was mostly farmlands, to the development of what it is today.