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Matt Astrachan


Matt Astrachan currently serves as a Vice Chairman for JLL’s New York office where he focuses on leasing and sales activities in the New York Region as well as nationally and internationally. As his professional interests help advise tenants and owners in the New York City area, the city’s culture fits seamlessly with his personal life as well.matt astrachan

Matt Astrachan spends much of his time outdoors; the Upper East Side’s outgoing community is a perfect sanctuary in which to manage a healthy work/life balance. Matt enjoys the city’s parks as much as its frenetic, dynamic energy which is in stark contrast to his prior residency in Long Island – which moves at a considerably slower pace.

Aside from working as a highly dedicated and trustworthy real estate technician in his fast-paced New York office of JLL, Matt likes to spend time in New York’s popular, and obscure parks, museums and other cultural destinations. Schultz Park, one of the oldest community-based volunteer park association in NYC, has been a great place for Astrachan to commune with nature through the backdrop of the East River.

Another place where he can be seen is the iconic Central Park. At 843 acres, there’s always new places to explore throughout the biggest park in New York City. Though Matt Astrachan is a purist with little interest in sports tech,  his outgoing hobbies aren’t strictly outdoors. Matt challenges himself to the ever popular SoulCycle movement and practices mindfulness with the occasional yoga class.

His interests in the community delves into the city’s infrastructure. Matt’s fondness of NYC’s famous (and not so famous) architecture finds fulfillment due to the sheer breadth of architectural marvels that exists in the Big Apple. Citing the Seagram Building on Park Avenue as his favorite, the skyscraper was designed by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe who was a pioneer in moving NYC’s architectural style from traditionalism to modernism during the 1900s.

Mr. Astrachan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Wisconsin and has been practicing real estate at a national level for over 20 years. Garnering great success and accolades for his competency in tenant and owner strategies, Matt Astrachan shows a great acumen in the business field as well as a well-rounded appreciation for the city in which he is a real estate investment expert.

Matt Astrachan can currently be seen working and living in New York City.


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