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With a short ride on Path, Jersey City-to-New York commuters have a convenient trek to work or play.  As one of the most walkable cities, Jersey City (JC) is seeing a rejuvenation in the way of new business and multifamily retail and residential structures.  

The documentary reports that JC leads in efficiency as well. Citi Bike already has a presence in Jersey City, and the membership is valid in all of New York as well. And with bike lanes drawn along main thoroughfares, the city is quickly making a move away from automobiles. JC is showing a move towards sustainability and social responsibility which is a move towards an increasing city pride.

The city initially picked the nickname for its proximity to New York City, with thousands of Jersey City and Hudson County residents commuting across the Hudson every day. The two cities do have an obvious cross-cultural exchange, but Jersey City residents have been fighting to stop playing second fiddle to its sister city of New York. In fact, some even resent the moniker.

There is no doubt that JC has a personality all its own, so that resentment is not without merit. The city combines a neighborhood feel in sections like the Grove or the “Village”, and a considerably diverse and urban feel in neighborhoods like Journal and McGinley Square. The Newport area, the closest Path stop into New York, boasts luxury hotels, a mall, beautiful views of the New York skyline, and a quaint lighthouse. Additionally, the influx of tech businesses and employees are creating a nerve center quite different from just a decade ago when the area was full of abandoned warehouses. Also, a $6.7 million proposed renovation project to restore the Lincoln Park fountain is just a glance at more vibrancy to come.

In other words, JC has grown up and is quickly and boldly stepping out of NYC’s shadow as just a commuter city.

For those of you who are considering moving to JC as opposed to paying top dollar to live in Manhattan or Brooklyn, JC may be a viable option. The commute to New York is approximately 35 minutes but don’t call JC a commuter town — or the 6th borough anymore.